Our research on the subject at hand is making it quite difficult for us to believe the claim of some digital marketing firms that content marketing will soon replace SEO. How can anyone possibly believe that someday, one side of a coin will be replaced with a round emoji sticker? That example serves best to metaphorically represent how SEO and Content are two facets of the same coin, eliminate either one and the coin has no value. You’ve a brilliant copywriter for your firm – astute, punctual, sharp and opportunist but is that enough? A piece of content without SEO best practices is like a ruler without measurement marks, you can use it to draw a line but can’t measure how long the line is. Any experienced marketer will vouch for the significance of keeping an evaluation track for all your marketing collaterals in which case maintaining a digital tank of such performance reports becomes vital. That’s exactly what SEO helps you with. The whole concept of search engine optimization revolves around the premise that writing a blog and posting it on the Internet is not enough. It should rise above the clutter and be made visible for all to see. That’s how you ascertain reach. 

Content and content marketing are very different from each other. When a piece of content is created taking into consideration and actually implementing  SEO best practices, it becomes content marketing, a strategy of attracting potential customers to your website. Therefore SEO and Content Marketing are different aspects of the same trick. SEO enabled content helps you track down and measure the Key Performance Indicators OR KPIs of your digital marketing efforts. These are essentially quantifiable metrics that’ll provide you with every single bit of numerical data to support or reject an upcoming idea based on past experiences. This is the smartest technique of content marketing available today, made possible with SEO to provide you with exact numbers for reach, engagement, page visits, bounce rate, exit rate, conversion rate etc. that ultimately help you boost your sales volume with heavy data backing. 

But getting the best of SEO is based on powerful yet extremely complex algorithms. It’s what happens behind the screen that determines where your website will end up being once the campaign is launched. The process of understanding these algorithms is as tricky as it’s extensive. While it was rapidly and rather widely accepted by Indian businesses to get an edge in a highly competitive landscape, most of these companies and their managers are not well versed with the calculations that make a SEO blog successful. 

Managing and building multiple segments of business sure is difficult but who said you have to bear all this burden yourself? We at Freelance SEO Expert, the best SEO company in India, have a specialised team of highly qualified marketing professionals specialising in this very area who will dedicate to your project to ensure that your brand gets the reach it deserves in every possible Web area where your target audience is located. We’re a SEO agency based in India with search engine services that’ll help you track your KPIs, audience gains/losses, engagement rate, impressions and make the best use of your investment with us for scaling up your business with our amazing SEO services in India. We understand your goals and visions fully, draft strong plans with the help of our experts to showcase your content, change it when required and make it visible for all to witness. Our SEO company in India, with the help of highly experienced individuals, help in spanning out your business at a reasonable cost thereby making sure that every bit of your marketing fund is judiciously used in attracting customers and ultimately serving its sole purpose, fetching high conversion rates and boosting sales volumes.

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